Want to Study in Canada?

Want to Study in Canada?

Study consultants have over and over said that international exposure opens up various doors of opportunities for the students. This is the reason why countless students fly abroad to study further. Canada is a standout amongst the most well-known and the most loved countries as far as international students are concerned. Consistently a ton of students, particularly from India and other Asian nations, choose to move to Canada to complete their higher studies.

Like as we all understand that in order to move to Canada to study further, you would require a Canadian study grant/permit. This license is a kind of your ticket to Canada as it serves as a student visa for Canada.

Specialists from CAAN Wings Consultants say that one must need not to bother with this license if his or her study project/course is just for the term of six months or less. Regardless, it may be a savvy thought to apply for the permit before you come to Canada in light of the fact that it is conceivable that you may decide to continue with your studies in another course. Without this license you’ll need to leave Canada to apply for the permit through a visa office. So it is ideal to get it before leaving for Canada.


  1. Dhruv

    As a fresher, we usually have a lot of ambiguity regarding lot many things. Sometimes we don’t know whom to ask or sometimes what to ask. CAAN Wings is all-in-one solution to everything. they consulted me very well..this consultancy helped me in getting my education visa for canada..

  2. Gautam

    i wanted to study abroad.. but not confirmed with the procedures of canadian permit.. i had visited some other consultancies also but not found any good result.. but my cousin suggested me to visit CAAN wings consultant.. and really they provided me quick and reliable visa service for studying in canada.