Next-gen Audi A7 to get more stylish

Next-gen Audi A7 to get more stylish


Audi has confirmed that the next generation of its A7 fastback will be even more stylish that what it already is. The A7 is a radical looking car that combines the practicality of a sedan bodystyle with a swoopy coupe-like silhouette.

Design work on the new Audi A7 has already been completed by Marc Lichte, who joined Audi from Volkswagen earlier this year. The car is expected to launch in international markets in 2017. The new A7 has a lot of design elements that see inspiration in the latest Prologue concept that Audi showcased at the Los Angeles motor show. But Lichte has bot revealed any specific details.

The Prologue concept gives not only a hint at this new A7, but also the new A6 and the A8. All of these models are currently being developed; the A6 is also expected to debut with the A7 in 2017, but the flagship A8 will debut globally next year. Lichte has also added that it will be the A7 that will carry the most attention-grabbing design, and that it will not only stand out amongst these three models, but will be different from future Audis as well.