Top 10 Ecotourism Spots in Kerala

Top 10 Ecotourism Spots in Kerala

Also known as a destination of lifetime, Kerala is an ecologically fragile state. The Eco Tourism Projects have been initiated by government that offer bunch of facilities and things to do in those tourist places. To experience the wonders of nature to the fullest, you ought to visit the following Eco-tourism spots in Kerala:

  1. Thenmala


It is also known as the “honey hills” owing to the medicinal honey acquired from these hills. It is densely covered with the belt of forest over acres. This range lies at an altitude of 1650 ft with rough and eco-fragile terrain with separate zones for tourist activities.

  1. Konni

Konni Forest

Situated on the banks of Achankoil River, Konni is one of the first reserve forests in Kerala. As far as the tourist attractions are concerned, the place features a plenty of rivers and streams across the area and rich flora inclusive of many medicinal herbs.

  1. Parambikulams


Ranked as one of the finest Eco-tourism spots in Kerala, Parambikulams is a wildlife sanctuary extended across 277 sq km flanked by ranges of hills. It is highly famous for its Teak Plantation is home to the tallest and 350 years oldest Kannimara Teak tree. This place sees huge footfall due to wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and botanists.

  1. RhodoValley

Rhodo Valleys

Also known as “Silent Valley” plateau, this valley is completely covered with greenery, and is home to numerous endangered species. It is an ideal trekking spot which is well-liked by tourists for overwhelming scenic beauty.

  1. Thommankuthu


Famous for its seven-step waterfall ranging from 1500 m to 500 m and spread over a distance of 5 km, Thommankuthu is a popular tourist spot.

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