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  • Why Smoking is Bad For Your Teeth.
    4:48 PM

      All of us probably know that smoking is injurious to our health, but, did we realize that smoking can have considerable harmful effects on our oral health as well? Chisel Dental Clinic puts forward some of the prominent dental problems that are caused by smoking: Increased risk for oral

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  • Convert Out of the Box Ideas into Reality!
    3:27 PM

    It is true that “Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.” At some point in our lives, we all feel the need to convert our creative ideas into reality. But, lack of conviction and resources prevent us from giving our ideas a try. Dr. Majed A A Sabha, Chairman,

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  • What makes PHP an ideal scripting language for Web Development?
    12:12 PM

    Over a billion websites co-exist in the modern-day digital space. Developing dynamic websites is one of the tried and tested ways to survive in the competitive virtual world. The revolutionary server-side open source scripting language ─ PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor ─ is precisely designed for that. As a matter of

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  • Facts Helpful to Boost Your Future Job Salary
    3:23 PM

    Certainly, money is a reality we all have to deal with. Many people consider money as a secondary thing and believe that experience, friends, and family are the most important aspects of life. However, in reality, financial freedom gives us plenty of time to make the most of those things.

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  • NGOs are transforming lives by providing employment to the poor
    11:28 AM

    NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations) are established in the country with an endeavour of providing equal economic empowerment opportunities amongst all classes. With poverty being a persistent  problem in India, the role of NGOs in the poverty amelioration programme becomes significant.  There are many not for-profit establishments pan India that are prominently

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  • Recharge your DTH Connection through sionline
    4:49 PM

    DTH services have changed the way we watch TV. DTH enabled the masses to choose what they want to watch, and in a very convenient way. It replaced the grainy channels and have made watching TV an enjoyable task. Needless to say, it is time to bid adieu to unsatisfactory

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  • Tips by brindavan college for an effective resume
    12:24 PM

    After completing school and college life, there comes a time when everyone enters in the corporate world. It is the time for new beginning for everyone. For entering in a new job your resume is the first thing that describes you and your qualifications, explains a scholar of Brindavan College. If your

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  • What MCM Academy says about distance learning
    4:36 PM

    Distance learning has rapidly gained prominence among students who are willing to make strides for better career prospects. As per the experts of MCM Academy, distance degree courses are perfect gateways for students seeking to pursue further education without undergoing the conventional classroom learning. Owing to the cut-throat competitiveness in

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    3:39 PM

    What do they do at Indian Military Academy? They train young boys to become efficient, dependable and world class officers. That’s the power of training. Wouldn’t you want to train your employees your way too? As important as corporate training  is starting from the lower to the highest person in

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  • Why technical knowledge is important in higher education ?
    12:55 PM

    Even a kid knows how to operate a computer today! What you need is something beyond just being able to operate that machine. Brindavan College integrates the much requires technical know how very well with all its courses. Technical knowledge is a very subjective term though. For someone knowing basics

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