• If it’s not a hummer then it’s not a hummer
    1:17 PM

    Truthfully, I must say that if there is any entrance from where you can get a pre-owned hummer, then without considering it again you must get the open door. Hummer is that grant which everybody needs to have. Hummer is an amalgamation of the best elements, style, motor and significantly

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  • Next-gen Audi A7 to get more stylish
    4:59 AM

    Audi has confirmed that the next generation of its A7 fastback will be even more stylish that what it already is. The A7 is a radical looking car that combines the practicality of a sedan bodystyle with a swoopy coupe-like silhouette. Design work on the new Audi A7 has already

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  • The Strati Is The World’s First 3D-Printed Car
    11:09 AM

    If you wanted to book a car, the simple process is to go to the showroom, zero down on the car, make the payment and then wait to receive delivery. Now, delivery can take days, months or in some cases years, however, what if I told you, you can manufacture

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