What do they do at Indian Military Academy? They train young boys to become efficient, dependable and world class officers. That’s the power of training. Wouldn’t you want to train your employees your way too?

As important as corporate training  is starting from the lower to the highest person in an organizational hierarchy it is something paid least attention to.

Proper training sessions help the company convey its goals, objectives and guiding principles to everyone in a coordinated and formal manner leaving no scope for confusion. Training also helps in honing and building employee skills and interests.

After all a company’s success is but a reflection of the sum total of the success of each employee who contributes to it.

Here are five most important reasons why you should incorporate training and development of your employees as a regular feature of your company:

1- New comers
New hires of your company may find themselves to be lost in their initial days when everything is new to them. The best way to usher them in is by way of training sessions. These training sessions will give them a direction and motive for the day. These training sessions can be used as a platform to let them know your expectations and standards.

2- Self motivated
Right training at the right time ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them and what is the right way to go about it. Hence all the employees are self motivated to their bit as efficiently as they can. This spares the company a lot of time which can be used to address more pressing issues.

3- Face and flatten shortcomings
To divide the training session into specific groups is a great way to go. As this becomes very narrowed it allows the shortcoming of employees to surface. Once that is done you can always work on flattening or solving those shortcomings effectively.

4- Employee satisfaction
Good productive training keeps the spirits of employees very high. Training should be related to their industry rather than something that is unrelated and boring. When an employee learns something in the training it gives him a great sense of satisfaction and elation.

5- Job hunters dream
An organization known to give state of the art training to employees becomes every job hunters dream organizations. A good job and even better training to polish his already existing skills as well as a chance to acquire some new ones! What more could a job seeker ask for!

The advantages of training your employees do not end there it helps in improving company performance, improves decision making, act as a catalyst for learning, bridges the skill gaps and does much more.