The Business Benefits of SOA Implementation

The Business Benefits of SOA Implementation
Sanaari Software Solutions

The Business Benefits of SOA Implementation

The term SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture which denotes a simple concept of service. It strongly delivers benefits to the architecture of an enterprise by introducing different ideas like service composition, service bus, and service virtualization. Being an architect of your enterprise, it is your duty to assess the needs of your venture, and the expenditures of the different prospective solutions, to find out which of these ideas should be applied, and how they should be applied, in your SOA. An architect must investigate into the information given, regarding both needs and solutions, to attain a level of understanding.

Suggested by Sanaari Software Solutions, the implementation of SOA services provides the following major benefits to business:

On the contrary to the utilization of large applications, which are often “information archive” that cannot readily swap information with each other, the usage of finer-grained SOA services gives smoother information flow amid enterprises. It also reduces the hefty expenses of integrating major applications.

Integrating internal SOA services make it easier to monitor its functionality closely. This results in enhanced visibility which in turn adds to the business value. For example, when a logistics company makes the shipment proceedings visible, it creates a sense of trust in customers and reduces the expenditure of status enquiries.


  • Enhanced information flow
  • Ability to unfold internal functionality
  • Managerial flexibility

Message Monitoring

  • Business aptitude
  • Performance measurement
  • Security attacks exposure

Complex Event Processing

  • Generalization of software structure
  • Knack to acclimatize quickly to diverse external environments
  • Better manageability and security

Service Discovery

  • Aptitude to optimize performance, functionality, and expenditure
  • Simpler overture of system upgrades


  • Enhanced dependability
  • Capability to balance operations to meet different demand levels

Asset Wrapping

  • Ability to amalgamate accessible assets