Significance of Software Testing

Significance of Software Testing

Software testing is a process used to identify accuracy of developed computer software program. It involves a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software so that it could be corrected before the product is delivered to its end users. In other words, it is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results. Software testing also ensures whether the software is free frombugs. Software testing is one of the most significant phases of software development cycle. Besant technologies, TechRel technologies, LiveTech, to name a few, are institutes which offer training in software testing.

Software which does not work appropriately has adverse effects on an organization. It can lead to variety of problems. A company can lose its customers which ultimately results in loss of money as less revenue is generated.If an organization is unable to render services to its customers because of software problems, then it leads to lost confidence among customers about the organization. This ultimately damages the reputation of business.

Software testing is of utmost importance in today’s technology driven world. Following are some of its benefits:

  • Software testing is really required to detect defects and errors which occurred during the development phase.
  • Software testing is very essential as it ensures reliability of customers and their satisfaction regarding in the application.
  • To maintain quality of the product is very crucial. Quality product delivered to the customers helps in gaining their confidence.
  • Software testing is necessary in order to provide the facilities to the customers like the delivery of high quality product.
  • Software testing requires lower maintenance cost and hence results into more accurate, consistent and reliable results.
  • Software testing is mandatory for effective performance of software application or product.
  • Software testing is necessary to stay in business.
  • It is critical to ensure that the developed application does not result into any failure as it can be very expensive in the later stages of software development.

After all for the growth of any business, it is very important to gain user satisfaction andsoftware testing plays a key role in this.