NGOs are transforming lives by providing employment to the poor

NGOs are transforming lives by providing employment to the poor

NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations) are established in the country with an endeavour of providing equal economic empowerment opportunities amongst all classes. With poverty being a persistent  problem in India, the role of NGOs in the poverty amelioration programme becomes significant.  There are many not for-profit establishments pan India that are prominently engaged in running training institutes for the non-privileged masses. The growing trend of major market players, such as Deutsche Bank, HDFC Bank, Fun Cinemas, Cafe Coffee Day, Westside, Nokia and Taj Hotels, hiring people from these institutes is a big step towards the emancipation of the poor in our country.

Udhavum Ullangal Illam, an eminent NGO in Tamil Nadu, discusses the importance of NGOs

udhavum ullangal illam

  • NGOs research, identify and gather information about the segment of the society that needs help. Also, there are many fund-raising events that are organised by NGOs to collect funds for the implementation of welfare plans for the poor.
  • NGOs also run various empowerment and skill-based livelihood programs in order to alleviate extreme poverty in rural areas or slums.
  • They help the non-privileged people to start small businesses for steady income by taking loans from local banks. NGOs also assure banks about the timely recovery of loans on the applicant’s behalf.
  • They create Self Help Groups (SHGs) to uplift poor people. Comprising of 10-20 people, these groups target the economic and employment issues of people of a particular village or area. NGOs lend their voice to these SGHs for the poor to channel their problems effectively to the government authorities.
  • NGOs provide vocational training to the poverty-stricken young generation. They also encourage rural artisans to exhibit their artistic skills to the world. This helps non-privileged students and workers to land entry-level jobs in varied industrial sectors, such as hospitality, agriculture, construction, IT, and retail.

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