Tips by brindavan college for an effective resume

Tips by brindavan college for an effective resume

After completing school and college life, there comes a time when everyone enters in the corporate world. It is the time for new beginning for everyone. For entering in a new job your resume is the first thing that describes you and your qualifications, explains a scholar of Brindavan College. If your resume has the capability to grab the attention then no one stops you from getting a job. A resume is a starting step before an interview so it must be attractive.

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Tips to make your resume effective

What resume is actually? It is a written compilation of your education, work experience and skills that are used to attain a job. The purpose of resume is to provide a brief description of your skills and qualification for attracting the employer. In another words, you can say that it is a snapshot of you with the content that emphasizes your interest and abilities.

Brindavan College provides some tips for writing resume effectively:

  1. Focus on text not on the format: In many companies resume is read by a robot or machine which is not impressed by the format of the resume rather than in the content written in it. So it is important to have a perfect text including no grammatical mistakes which can be written in a word processing program. After writing it can be saved as a plain text in notepad or similar one program.
  1. Use bullets, points and keywords: It is more appropriate to write in points than in full sentences. As the points easily highlights your skills and abilities. The key skills and brief summary of your resume can be described in bullets to gain the attention. Bullet points are generally marked as important feature of any resume.
  1. Trim when there is a doubt: If you have written your resume too long then it is possible that the person or employer is not ready to read the whole thing which is not in your favor. So it is advised to trim the extra things that are added. If things are not relevant then remove them.This can help you in writing the perfect resume in very short time and which is effective too.

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