Is poverty the root cause of all national problems?

Is poverty the root cause of all national problems?

The proverb that “a starving man is a furious man” has always been turned out to be valid. It is a genuine impression of humanity. Individuals get compelled to walk onto the wrong track if their fundamental requirement for sustenance, water, lodging and different necessities are not satisfied.

Destitution or absence of wage can be truly risky as it would make a man vulnerable and he/she would do whatever it takes to fill his/her stomach. The weight of destitution is immense and in a nation like India neediness is the fundamental driver behind all the famous exercises going ahead in the whole nation. Indeed, even debasement is grown out of destitution on the grounds that intense individuals exploit the poor ones by abusing them in every conceivable way.

In the late years the crevice between the rich and the poor has widen, and as an impact of it the overall destitution has likewise been on an ascent.

Neediness which knows no outskirt has pushed social requests to lose human hearts and sensitivity for others. Life in the present time has really transformed into the survival of the fittest. Keeping in mind the end goal to survive, needy individuals get enjoyed different things that transform them into offenders and hoodlums.

Issues of kid work, prostitution, burglary, robbery, murders, and so on have ended up basic nowadays and a large portion of these cases include destitute individuals. Looks into have demonstrated that many people accuse their neediness to be the purpose for their contribution in the famous exercises. A large portion of them turn out to be little time law breakers why should prepared do unlawful things just to win some cash with which they can satisfy their essential needs.

The main answer for improve this nation a spot to live is to build a sound budgetary and social structure. At RVM Foundation we are to a great degree worried about the social issues and we attempt our best to make individuals mindful of this.