IMA to develop model health village

New Delhi, Jan 8 (IANS) The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Thursday said it will develop a model health village with all parameters defined in the UN Millennium Development Goals.

“Under the Aao Gaon Chalen (lets go to village) project of the IMA, the organisation will come out with a model health village, which can be replicated at a national level, both by the government as well as NGOs,” IMA national president A. Marthanda Pillai told reporters here.
Pillai said the model health village will have all parameters met within a year as defined by the UN Millennium Development Goals.
In a joint statement, Pillai and IMA secretary general K.K. Aggarwal said the IMA has written to all its 1,700 branches to follow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of clean India movement.
The IMA feels that 20 percent of disease burden can be reduced if all doctors in the country are sensitised to have their medical establishments follow hygienic principles and they in turn motivate their patients to follow the principles of respiratory, food, water and hand hygiene, it said.
The IMA will also launch many projects like care of elderly, trauma care and waste disposal.