Convert Out of the Box Ideas into Reality!

Convert Out of the Box Ideas into Reality!

It is true that “Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.” At some point in our lives, we all feel the need to convert our creative ideas into reality. But, lack of conviction and resources prevent us from giving our ideas a try. Dr. Majed A A Sabha, Chairman, Brindavan College, one of the leading educational institutes in Bangalore says that success comes to those who work for it.

Here are some tips that can help you make your dreams come true.

Be realistic: Remember that creative thinking does not mean nurturing unrealistic ideas. One should think wisely and must have the necessary preparation to act towards the fulfillment of the goal. What is meant by being realistic is that one fine day we cannot think of climbing the Mount Everest. It does not mean that it is impossible, but the required effort should be there.

Act swiftly: After the conception of an idea, one must be able to act on it in a swift way.  Delaying the fruition of your idea may completely destroy its relevance. A lot of ideas die down because of endless procrastination.

Have faith in your abilities: Don’t be influenced by those around you who discard your idea as petty and question its feasibility. Instead, have firm belief in your abilities and work for the achievement of your goals. Proper planning and execution of work is important in this regard.

Start with bare minimum: Don’t invest too much in the beginning. Start with the things that you cannot do without.

Take calculated risk: Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Get out of your comfort zone and keep updating your idea as per the current needs. Innovation of idea helps in meeting the demands of the market and helps one in having a revised look at the factors that govern its success.

Value patience: Don’t be bogged down by failures. Keep trying. Remember no one has made it big overnight. Be patient and perseverant and don’t give up your idea easily.

Don’t be hesitant in marketing: Don’t be hesitant in advertising. We cannot work in isolation. Ultimately we have to find users and clients. So learn the art of selling your idea.

Dr. Majed of Brindavan Group of Institutions further adds that youth is the best phase of life to shape our dreams. However, one must not be constrained by age!