What To Pack When Going Abroad

What To Pack When Going Abroad

Now that you have planned to study abroad, you will certainly have to leave your family and friends behind. You must be eager to unfold a thrilling new phase of your life. Hold-up, between these hassles don’t miss out on essentials of packing. You might be speculating whether that quilt will fit in your bag or how many pairs of shoes to carry along. You may perhaps be concerned about your luggage going beyond the weight limit set by the airline. Well, relax! Suggested by Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt Ltd, here is a guide on what to pack and what not to.

Focus on the Essentials

Prepare a checklist of all the imperative documents you are likely to carry. You must keep your money, visa, plane ticket, passport, prescription papers (if any), phone numbers, accommodation details etc. handy to avoid last minute hassles. Try to pack these things in your hand bag that you are supposed to carry in plane.

 Electronic Items

One important electrical device that you ought to carry is a universal power adapter for your appliances to operate without problems. Aside from your laptop and camera, you need to adjust your chargers (for phone and camera), an MP3 player (not obligatory) and electric shaver.

Optional Items

You will come across some items that fall between the must-carry and not-obligatory list. Goods like books, DVDs and recreational products (like a gaming console), stationery items etc. should be picked depending on the space left in your bag, after packing the essentials. Majority of the toiletry stuff and items like creams, make-up etc., can be decided depending on the urgency of your needs. You need to limit the number of shoe pairs you lug based on your necessities and space left in the suitcases. Abandon anything you feel is in surplus to your urgent needs. You can always buy the same overseas.