Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

Are you just few weeks away from moving into your new home? You must prepare a check-list of things to ensure before start living in your dream home. Here are ten fundamental things, suggested by Alpine Housing, that you need to watch out soon after you move into your new home. Some of these are very basic yet useful in assuring that your foundations are strong when you move in.

  1. Get your address changed

All you need to do is visit the nearest post office and get your addressed changed. You may perhaps want to contact your creditors plus subscribed magazines vendors so that they’re aware of the shift and you don’t fail to spot an issue or a bill.

  1. Contact the utility companies

If you’re shifting into a pre-owned house, ask the previous homeowner for contacts of all of the utility companies they were using. Mostly, you will have to get the basic services transferred in your name before you move in. You have to contact telephone, sewer and water, cable, garbage, electricity, gas, internet etc.

  1. Trace the main circuit breaker

It is important to know where the main electricity circuit of the house is. Look for it and make sure you completely understand the labeling. If the main circuit is not labeled, do it yourself so that you know which switch turns off which part of the house.

  1. Find out the emergency exits

Make sure everybody identifies how to evacuate in the case of a fire. In many houses, the way is straightforward, but it’s essential for everyone to know where they should go to escape the fire.