Sudan condemns extended US sanctions on the country

Khartoum, Oct 27 (IANS) Sudan Sunday condemned US President Barack Obama’s decision to extend America’s economic sanctions on the African nation for another year.

“Sudan condemns the decision of the US president and rejects the reasons and justifications cited to renew the sanctions,” Xinhua quoted Sudan’s foreign ministry statement as saying Sunday.
“The US administration has since 1997 used different reasons and pretexts to justify its targeting of Sudan,” the ministry said. It accused the US of trying to “intensify pressure on Sudan and economically squeeze the country.”
Unilateral economic measures are rejected by the international community as they constitute flagrant and clear violation of the international law, human rights and people’s right in development, the ministry said.
“Renewing the sanctions will not prevent the Sudanese government from pressing ahead towards the realisation of sustainable peace and development,” the ministry said, accusing the US of meddling in its affairs.
On Friday, the US President Barack Obama extended that economic sanctions been imposed on Sudan since 1997 for another year, declaring “a national emergency with respect to Sudan.”