Russell Brand threatened of arrest ?

New York, Oct 20 (IANS) Comedian Russell Brand was reportedly threatened of arrest by the Fox News headquarters’ security guard here after he started filming an episode of his webcast “The Trews” without permission.

The 39-year-old was scheduled to appear in Fox News network’s “Hannity”. It is hosted by Sean Hannity, who cancelled Brand’s appearance on the TV show.
Brand showed up outside the headquarters and started filming his webcast. Brand was approached by the security guard and instructed to leave, but he said he was entitled to stay there, at which the guard threatened him of arrest, reports
Brand later went inside the Fox News building and asked for a tour, but was again told to leave. He also tried to leave a message with the receptionist for Hannity.
“Whether the subject is Islamophobia or just the freedom to be in a lobby, Fox is a difficult organisation to work with,” Brand said outside the building.
Brand had previously critisised Hannity for his views on the Gaza conflict.