Overcome mild anxiety with these simple and effective self-help tricks

Overcome mild anxiety with these simple and effective self-help tricks

A popular saying goes that rule your mind or it will rule you. An unchecked thought process can sometimes prove fatal. A combination of baseless fears, unreasonable stress or piled up emotions could trigger an overwhelming mental struggle, called Anxiety.

In medical terms, anxiety is a neurobiochemical change that is characterized by ‘inner turmoil’. It is the human body’s natural response to the situations that impose danger, pressure, or stress. This unpleasant state of mind leads to restlessness, sweating, breathlessness, heart palpitations,muscle tension, trembling, fatigue, insomnia, and dizziness. Anxiety can also manifest as Panic Attacks or other mental health or physical illnesses, Anxiety can often mimic varied somatic symptoms, often including distressing physical symptoms.

Dr.Deepak Raheja

According to Dr.Deepak Raheja,the best psychiatrist in Delhi, what is important to note here is that such anxiety is totally treatable. There are a number of self-help strategies and medication that can aid individuals to recover and lead a stress-free life.

To start with, there are certain easy lifestyle changes that can work wonders for those who feel crushed by a drowning and nihilistic feeling. Practising yoga, meditation or simple relaxation techniques will keep your head clear and fresh. You could also opt for outdoor sports or any physical activity that can relieve unnecessary pressure off your mind.

The war on anxiety can also be won by implementing some interpersonal strategies. Socialising is the key. Reach out to those who understand you. Seek support from your parents, friends, spouse, children, mentors, or colleagues. Be brave. There is not anything you should be ashamed of. The idea is to talk about your problems out in the open, and provide an outlet to the bottled-up feelings.

Making a few cognitive alterations in the way you think can also help you sail through the strong tide. Whenever you feel anxious or uneasy, identify the cause that triggers it. Keep up a positive attitude. Put efforts in replacing the negative thoughts in your head. Also, get acquainted with a set attitudinal pattern or behaviour to calm yourself under situations that lead to nervousness or stress. Remember ─ a good laugh can cure thousand worries which are often unfounded.

The objective must be to wipe out every possible trace of anxiety from your character, rather than battling it every now and then. And repeat ‘Anxiety I will transform you into something useful and productive. I refuse to bow down to you!’. Do remember that appropriate worry or anxiety may keep you on track & often enhance the outcome & quality of performance.

Do not hesitate to consult a Mental Health Care Professional if overwhelmed by symptoms.

Remember it is not just in your head. The symptoms usually have neurochemical underpinnings which can also be corrected by appropriate medication. These medicines under the supervision of a qualified doctor & safe to have.To ask for help is a sign of strength and not weakness.