A device to identify tipsiness

New York, Oct 26 (IANS) A device has been launched that lets drivers find out if they are intoxicated before they are nabbed by cops.

Named Breeze, the 2.25-inch-long wireless device pairs via bluetooth to a smartphone app.
The iOS version of Breeze syncs with Apple’s new HealthKit platform, which allows consumers to catalogue their blood-alchohol level.
If users record scores higher than the recommended level, the app triggers a ‘get home safe’ screen.
Breeze also provides drunk users with the option to search for cabs and uses phone book contacts to let them phone a friend in case they need a ride.
It also provides an option to search for hotels and restaurants, where they can sober up with caffeine and food, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
“This is really about consumer awareness and being able to make the right decision and learn more about yourself,” said Brian Sturdivant, vice president (marketing) of the California-based startup Burglinghame that created the device.
The device is available for both iOS and Android cell phones for $100.