Brindavan College

  • Convert Out of the Box Ideas into Reality!
    3:27 PM

    It is true that “Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.” At some point in our lives, we all feel the need to convert our creative ideas into reality. But, lack of conviction and resources prevent us from giving our ideas a try. Dr. Majed A A Sabha, Chairman,

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  • Rio Olympics 2016, more than just a sports event : Brindavan college
    12:41 PM

    The spectacular Summer Olympics 2016 taking place in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is the latest trending topic across the world. Exemplary performances by world-class athletes in swimming, gymnastics, ball sports, wrestling, martial arts and weightlifting are a treat to watch. With the motto “Live your passion”, the Rio 2016 is

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  • Tips by brindavan college for an effective resume
    12:24 PM

    After completing school and college life, there comes a time when everyone enters in the corporate world. It is the time for new beginning for everyone. For entering in a new job your resume is the first thing that describes you and your qualifications, explains a scholar of Brindavan College. If your

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  • Why technical knowledge is important in higher education ?
    12:55 PM

    Even a kid knows how to operate a computer today! What you need is something beyond just being able to operate that machine. Brindavan College integrates the much requires technical know how very well with all its courses. Technical knowledge is a very subjective term though. For someone knowing basics

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  • Mechanical Engineering: Scope and Career Opportunities
    1:01 PM

    Mechanical engineering is one of the largest fields of engineering. Mechanical engineers are in great demand in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, electronic, industrial machinery, manufacturing, mining, oceanographic, petroleum, pharmaceutical, power, printing, publishing, and textile industries. The precise technical areas for mechanical engineers include biomedical engineering, micro- and Nano-technology, environmental

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  • Tips To Develop Good Study Habits
    1:27 PM

    Study isn’t about mugging up the entire course just a night before your exam. To succeed in life, it’s vital to develop disciplined study habits. It’s never too early or too late to develop good study practices. The sooner you get into a stern study zone, the simpler things will

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  • Tips for campus placements
    2:51 PM

    Everyone wants to get a well-paying job in a leading company but only a few of us know that what exactly it takes to turn this dream into reality. Experts from Brindavan College say that campus placements play a key role in a student’s life therefore they must be sincere

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  • Future Of Higher Education In India
    12:11 PM

    India, also known as the land of Vedas, has the third largest higher education system in the world, close to the United States and China. India was home to the first ever University worldwide, Takshila (now in Pakistan). The country turned into a major education hub which attracted students from

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  • The alluring field of Microbiology
    6:53 PM

    Microbiology, an extremely vast term, covers copious sub-disciplines such as virology, parasitology, mycology and bacteriology. Being an application of medical microbiology, it is often brought in with medical principles of immunology. On the other hand, microbiology, virology, and immunology at the same time as basic sciences have significantly surpassed the

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