General Fertility Issues and their Symptoms

General Fertility Issues and their Symptoms


Since the historic times, Miscarriages are somewhat common, and on average, one out of five pregnancies results in a miscarriage. The term miscarriage refers to an impulsive abortion of an embryo or fetus ahead of its development to stay alive. This can even occur before a lady gets to know that she is pregnant.

As per Chennai Fertility Center, certain reasons, for example age, smoking, influence of alcohol, and a bad record of miscarriage leads women to a higher risk for miscarriage, but most of the pregnancy loses happen because there is a hitch with the fetus, usually an accidental chromosome abnormality that takes place during fertilization. If you’ve had quite a lot of miscarriages, you ought to get tested to verify if any anatomic, genetic, or hormonal abnormalities are leading to the miscarriages.

However miscarriages typically can’t be prevented, the following safety measures can enhance your chances of leading a healthy pregnancy:

  • Increasing folic acid and calcium intake
  • Maintaining a desirable weight
  • Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet
  • Limiting consumption of caffeine
  • Quit smoking
  • Exercising moderately – to be permitted by your doctor
  • Keeping away from over-the-counter medicines

Modern science states that progesterone is the most vital hormone needed for the endurance of the fertilized egg and the fetus all through gestation. Progesterone standardizes the entire endocrine system, and low levels of progesterone can make the complete body out of stability. Progesterone results in the basal body temperature to rise and helps the uterus lining to thicken, in order for a fertilized egg to implant. Use of progesterone cream, mainly during the initial trimester, assists in preventing miscarriage, preterm labor and premature birth.