How to hold your pizza slice

New York, Sep 8 (IANS) Do you know why despite your best efforts, the slice of pizza you are about to enjoy flops over and dangles from your fingers?

It has nothing to do with either a non-stiff crust or extra toppings. You just need to learn a bit of science about how to hold your slice right.
The cue lies in a powerful mathematical result about curved surfaces invented by the German mathematical genius Carl Friedrich Gauss in the 19th century.
He named it Theorema Egregium – Latin for excellent or remarkable theorem.
This is how it works for pizza.
When the pizza is flat, it has zero curvature.
When you pick up a slice, fold the pizza slice sideways in a U-shape.
This way, you are forcing it to become flat in the other direction – the one that points towards your mouth.
This will keep the slice from flopping over.
The theorem assures that one direction of the slice must always remain flat – no matter how you bend it, the pizza must retain a trace of its original flatness, reported.