Hyderabad police to deploy interceptor vehicles

Hyderabad, Sep 15 (IANS) Policing in Hyderabad is set to reach world-class standards with the proposed deployment of interceptor vehicles for quick armed response.

Telangana Director General of Police (DGP) Anurag Sharma said interceptor vehicles will be stationed at key junctions in the limits of Hyderabad and Cyberabad police commissionerates to respond quickly in case of any emergency.
He told a news conference Monday that personnel to be deployed on such vehicles will be trained.
The police chief said tenders would be floated soon for gadgets to be installed on new patrolling vehicles.
The government of the newly-created state last month launched 100 new vehicles and 300 motorbikes for patrolling as part of modernisation of the force in the state capital.
He said every police station will have one motorcycle with one or two police constables.
Armed with all key gadgets, they will do community policing and will be mainly responsible for crime control.
Following into footsteps of their Singapore counterparts, 20 police officers involved in traffic management in Hyderabad have started wearing video cameras.
“These cameras record everything they do. We can see what they are doing and whatever they are talking to people,” the police chief said.
The DGP said the move would help deal with the allegations of misbehaviour by traffic police officers. He said the officers were also happy with this.
Sharma said surveillance cameras were being installed across the city to improve the surveillance system.
The CCTV cameras installed by the public will be connected to the police control system through the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The feed will be shared by all government departments for better coordination.