Motherhood- Dream of all Women

Motherhood- Dream of all Women

There are multiple diseases which keep surrounding us all the time and poses serious threats to the health, significantly of women. This is because of polluted air around and an unhealthy lifestyle. Uncountable ailments are there from which women of today are suffering from, namely, poor egg quality, premature menopause, absence of ovaries because of surgery, advanced maternal age, earlier chemotherapy session, genetic disorder etc. However, out of the blue there is a unique technique of egg donation for the women who are physically unwilling to experience motherhood. Young and healthy women donate their eggs which are then fertilized by the sperm of receiver’s partner in the laboratory. The embryos resulted from the process are then moved to the uterus of recipient.

Any woman can donate the egg after being screened. It is mandatory for every woman to go under screening process so that it can be determined how potential and capable she is to deliver healthy eggs. American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have set up these screening processes in which physical exam, medical history, psychological evaluation, genetic history and communicable sickness testing is being conducted.

Chennai Fertility Center, Shivani Fertility & Mother Care, Apollo Hospital are some of the hospitals which have IVF centers and have conducted various successful in vitro fertilization processes. These IVF Centers helps in keeping the hopes alive for the women who wish to become mothers. In this crucial process of IVF, state-of-the-art technology is being used and highly experienced team of physicians, geneticists and embryologists carry out the process.

There are donor egg coordinators as well who help the recipient and her partner find an appropriate donor for them. That donor can be either an unknown person or any acquaintance of the couple opting for this option. Truly, some donations restore faith in humanity.



  1. vinita sharma

    Motherhood is the best phrase of women’s life.No matter how much one suffers but when it comes to children mother goes to the extent of doing anything. Some women are deprived of this wonderful feeling. But Chennai fertility clinic is one such clinic which provides various solutions so that no one is really deprived of this feeling and everyone has a joy of becoming the parent.

  2. sarla singh

    Motherhood is really a dream and chennai fertility has helped me to achieve this dream.This I can say from my experience as I was not able to conceive as my husband has low sperm count and some other problem as well.We had changed many of the doctors and took different treatment but this has not really helped,so one of the doctor recommended Chennai fertility clinic to us and we are glad that he did.Now we are the proud parents of the twin daughters.

  3. aneeta singh

    My bhabhi was finding it difficult to conceive and because of which she went into depression.So I advised her to go for Egg donation process but she was uncertain as to which doctor to choose and from where to get it done.As these days people tend to take money and run away,it was difficult for her to trust anyone like that.Then I advised her to go for Chennai fertility clinic as they surely provide the correct person for the donation and also take into account all the history of the donor.

  4. Manisha Goyal

    Chennai fertility clinic is doing the best job by helping people experience parenthood.Amazing services and wonderful facilities are made available to the people.