Methods To Reduce Stress | Dr Ashima Shukla

Methods To Reduce Stress | Dr Ashima Shukla

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is a major stress buster. Diet rich in fiber, whole grains, vitamins and proteins helps reducing stress. Less or no consumption of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco also ensures relief in stress. Avoiding oily food and drugs helps kicking stress away.


Exercise is an effective distraction from stressful events. When we exercise, our body indulges in various activities and we release the stress along with sweat. But one should not exercise excessively in the beginning. Heavy exercise can strike straight up to your heart, so start slow but effectively.

Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques:

Cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBTs) are the most effective methods for stress reduction. A CBT is a complete process which involves identifying the source of stress; organize and prioritize, changing response to stress, and finally searching for methods to reduce stress.

CBT is considered as a comprehensive way of reducing stress especially when the stress is due to some chronic pain or illness.

Discuss feelings

Often talking out provides one with solutions unknowingly. Usually when we discuss feelings we unknowingly tell ourselves what we are going through. Communicating itself is a concept which brings in one self a feeling of letting out the held frustration, anger and other negative emotions.

Expressing helps one to realize the void. That being the case listening helps equally about understanding others emotions, listen to them, empathize and try to understand the positive, hence reversing the unwanted tension. It helps overcome the tension and helps you with a positive and hedonist approach.

Dr Ashima Shukla helps her patients and clients with amazing stress busting ideas. Stress not only ruins you mentally but physically as well. She makes sure about the stressors by identifying and thus going through the whole process to take you out of stress. So take the experts’ advice and help yourself


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    while surfing on net, I thoroughly came across this article. Feeling great to read this article. Thanx for suggesting these tips to reduce stress.

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    after reading this article, I followed the above mentioned tips. Seriously they worked out for me. Now I feel relaxed while working in office and at home. Big thanks to dr. Ashima shukla for this wonderful article.

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    I must say dr. ashima is a fab doctor who helped to a great extent in turning my stress away. Big thanks to her.

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    I am 3 months pregnant and takes too much stress for my future baby. My husband took me to dr. ashima. As her clinic is nearby to our residence. She rightly examined me and suggested me some medications and to follow the meditation and exercise. Now there is a considerable change in my mental health.

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    I took my sister for consultation with Dr. Ashima Shukla at Artemis Hospital. We had a great experience. The sessions were very informative and helpful. She took ample amount of time to listen to the issues in minute details and asked all the relevant questions.

    She took care of my sister with a lot of empathy and wisdom. The mind body relaxation sessions were fantastic. She is a great doctor. My sister has now recovered fully.

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