Durga Puja: an auspicious event

Durga Puja: an auspicious event

Durga Puja is a festival that gets organized each year to show fondness and reverence towards the most cherished Hindu deity – MaaDurga. She is additionally named “Shakti” and is honored with a hugecelebration amid the season of Navratri.

The divinity is shown as a brave lady with fascinating appearance. Numerous individuals trust her to be the image of woman-power. She is believed to have ten arms and every hand holds a phenomenal weapon. These weapons are representatives of MaaDurga’s energy and fury.

According to the legends and old books, MaaDurga won a fight over the violent Mahishasura, squashing him to death with a lethal weapon. This conflict finished up following nine days of fierce battle. In this manner the festival conducted amid navratri is an approach to commend the triumph of Good over Evil.

Durga Puja is usually celebrated in a various parts of India yet it is extensively celebrated in West Bengal. In West Bengal it is not simply a festival or a fair but rather it is substantially more than that. Throughout Durga Puja, devotees and supporters turn up in extensive numbers to worshipMaaDurga.

Astrologer Karan Sharma says that Durga Puja is extremely critical from the perspective of astrology also in light of the fact that this is the most pious time of the year.