Study Abroad with Rudraksh Group to Gain Global Work Opportunities

Study Abroad with Rudraksh Group to Gain Global Work Opportunities

Studying abroad is not only a learning experience academically, but is also culturally. There are so many people who surround you while at college; they hail from different walks of life. At present, almost everybody is keen on going to a foreign country for higher studies due to the benefits associated and variety of academic choices offered. However, the multiple formalities linked with immigration process marred many people from getting the visa. As a result, only half of the many aspirants go ahead with applying for studies abroad. Immigration firms play a huge role by bridging the gap; it helps students surpass their endless woes with immigration procedures. Rudraksh Group can be relied upon for getting your student Visa in a relatively easier way.

Why Is F1 Visa Essential?

F1 is a non-immigrant visa. The students who plan to study in the US must file an F1 visa application. They can then attend any college or university of their choice in the country for higher studies. Rudraksh Group has shared the essentials required before applying for a student F1 Visa to ensure that the procedure doesn’t complicate furthermore.

  1. The applicant should be enrolled as a student under an institution on full-time basis
  2. Should be  attending a training program for language or other academic institution
  3. Ample amount of financial support for the completion of academic course
  4. Proof demonstrating the student as not intending to abandon his or her foreign residency
  5. The  accepting institution must be approved by USICE for accepting foreign students

Future of Studying Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad do not end there; in fact, they go a long way ahead with possibilities of prospects in the same country. The F1 Visa is meant for full-time students and does not provide work permit. However, you can still take permission and if allotted, it is known as Optional Practical Training, i.e., OPT.  Students are given the permission to be trained and then work in the same area of their study.

Rudraksh Group Mohali has been resolving the complexities involved in Visa application process for more than a decade now. Immigration procedures are known to take long enough for a person to remain interested in going to a foreign country for work or study purpose. The immigration solution firm, Rudraksh Group extends a helping hand for a speedy and accurate filing of Visa application.