• Antidepressants are not habit-forming. Public perceptions need to change!
    3:18 PM

    Misperceptions serve as a base to several taboos in India. One of such stigmas revolves around mental illness. More than 36% people in India have fallen prey to depression at some point in their lives. While a few were able to cope with the pressure, a majority of them succumbed

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  • Overcome mild anxiety with these simple and effective self-help tricks
    1:17 PM

    A popular saying goes that rule your mind or it will rule you. An unchecked thought process can sometimes prove fatal. A combination of baseless fears, unreasonable stress or piled up emotions could trigger an overwhelming mental struggle, called Anxiety. In medical terms, anxiety is a neurobiochemical change that is

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  • Gender Dysphoria: The depressing Gender Identity Disorder
    5:30 PM

    Gender Dysphoria is a medical condition that causes ‘mismatch’ between a person’s biological sex and his/her sexual orientation. Commonly known as transgenderism, this gender incongruence leads to severe distress and discomfort. People troubled with gender identity disorder (GID) often ‘identifies’ themselves as the members of the opposite sex. This may

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  • Awe-Inspiring Reasons to Visit Washington!
    12:43 PM

    Washington, the U.S. capital, attracts over 18 million tourists each year as it unfolds different ways to explore the city. If you are planning to visit this amazingly beautiful city, you can consult Continental Immigration Consultancy Services for a smooth process. They will tell you important things you must include “things

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  • A Professional Guide To Right Gems For You
    6:13 PM

    Wearing and recommending Gemstones to pacify baleful is a simple theory that follows certain principles and set of rules. Like what amalgamation of gems to keep away from, what alternative to be worn when and what puja and mantras to be recited prior to wearing them. Right method of wearing

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  • Famous Firsts in Aviation
    5:47 PM

    There is no doubt in the fact that Aviation industry is one of the most interesting as well as exciting industries in the world. Most of the youngster wanted to build their career in this industry. So they have to be prepared to face the tough interview panel. As per

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  • Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Design
    11:52 AM

    Web designers and developers all across the world have acknowledged this fact that mobile devices can’t be ignored any longer. It’s a familiar story at this point: quite a lot of people are frequently using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones in order to surf the internet. People are

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  • Significance of tumbled stone
    6:17 PM

    Tumble stones are colorful stones that are really appealing to the eyes. A few individuals have these vivid stones and they have their reasons. A few individuals brag of having a fascinating collection of tumble stones. Tumble stones are usually typical minerals. They seem alluring in light of the fact

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  • Styletag : Advice for this Winter Season
    11:28 AM

    Winter season has almost arrived and your fancy coats and funky jackets are all set to rule your closet!! Take some inspiration from the below recorded tips and get ready to welcome the chilly weather in style!! Black is everlasting!! There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that we

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  • Importance of Chakra Pendants
    3:49 PM

    Chakras are centralized locations where the energy of our body can be studied under esoteric arts. Chakras are also imagined as a rotating wheel that conduct special type of healing strategy as or its color. These chakras possess individual capabilities to absorb in the power and then transmit it by

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  • Understanding Your Payslip
    5:24 PM

    Payslips are electronically generated documents that proclaims the amount of income you earn from an organization or wherever you are employed. It is a certification to make sure that the employees are being paid the right amount. Generally, the payslips are offered within a day of the payday, even if

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  • Align with the Divine Asanas for Weight loss
    11:14 AM

    The yoga asanas are simply mechanics of your body that if done in certain postures can drive the positive vibes out, lower your stress, oxygenate the entire body, and deliberate intelligence. Only a healthy body can provide a means for your spiritual and individual growth. Daily yoga practice benefits people

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